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Paddy’s Tours and Trips in Koh Kong and Cardamom Mountains.

paddy tours in kohkong and the cardamommountains.Paddy’s tours in Koh Kong, Cambodia. jungle trekking, boat tours, trips and more. Experience the real jungle and take a trek to the river and waterfalls.


kohkong jungle trekkingPaddy’s Tours, Trips and prices

1 day Trip:

Depart at 8:25am, the Tour start Paddy’s Guesthouse in Koh Kong, Cambodia and take a long tail boat through the villages and the mangroves. Take a trek in the Cardamom Mountains to the waterfall for swimming, eating and relaxing. Catch the boat for the tour back arriving home by sunset time.

river jungle trekkingCost: 25 dollars includes water and lunch.
Trip with Paddy to the beach.

2 days trip:

Similar to the one day trip but includes a one night at home stay opposite the Tatai waterfall experience the spectacular views of the Cardamom Mountains in Koh Kong.
River swimming, boating and visit a nice friendly village and a small beach. Then you return home and watch sunset from the boat.

cardamommountains picnicCost: 35 dollars includes water, lunch, diner, breakfast, tea and coffee.


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kohkong island beach.

 a boat trip to koh kong island in cambodia

Koh Kong Island BBQ.


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