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Neptune Adventure Tours Tatai in Koh Kong Cambodia.

Neptune Adventure Tours in Tatai, Koh Kong Cambodia.Neptune Adventure Tours, boat and Kayak trips around and Koh Kong‘s islands. Cardamom Mountains, Tatai, waterfalls in jungle of Cambodia, and mangroves.

neptuneadventuretours-tatai-kohkong-cambodia-movieclipNeptune Adventure Tours in Tatai, Koh Kong established in 2006 and have a long experience conducting guided tours. Thomas use western tour guides with excellent knowledge of the different destinations in Cambodia.

Neptune Adventure Tours in Koh Kong Cambodia was founded by Thomas in 2006.

Holidays in Tatai, Koh kong, Cambodia.Before he opened Koh Kong Neptune Adventure Tours, Thomas ran the Neptune Inn in Koh Kong. Three years after starting Neptune Adventure Tours and building the Tatai Bungalow Resort. Thomas and his wife Sothea closed the Neptune Inn in Koh Kong and moved to the Neptune Adventure Tatai Bungalow Resort on the Tatai River in Koh Kong District.

Thomas brings a lot of experience now with the Koh Kong Neptune Adventure Tours guiding guests to many interesting undiscovered areas in the region.

There are a few highlights such as the mangrove swamps, beaches and waterfalls in Koh Kong, Cambodia. Although tours are planned, Thomas is always willing to arrange individual activities to suit individual tastes.

by boat to koh kong island.You arrive at the Neptune Adventure River Bungalow Resort by boat from the Tatai Bridge and transport is provided to the starting points of all the tours. You can roam the mangroves of Koh Kong in Cambodia by kayak or take a trek in the Cardamom Mountains. There are some limitations to the tours during the rainy season.

Neptune Adventure Cambodia Tours

An easy trip from the Koh Kong Neptune Adventure Tours in Ta Tai offers trekking tours and a relaxing swim.

The easy Neptune Adventure tours begins as desired before 1 o’clock in the afternoon with a 2 hour trek through the jungle in the Cardamom Mountains in Koh Kong and over a small hill to Tatai waterfall.

There you can cool down with a swim in the crystal clear water below the falls. If you feel energetic on the way it is possible to explore the area a little.

bbq on the beach.While you are trekking through the jungle Thomas and his staff are preparing a BBQ for you on the rocks at the Tatai waterfall in Koh Kong District. Please wear suitable clothing and do not forget to bring a swimsuit and sunscreen. You can burn very quickly even under a screen of jungle trees. Sturdy shoes, sun and rain protection are recommended depending on the season.

This tour with Neptune Adventure Tours costs $ 10 per person.

A boat tour on offer starts at 8 o’clock from Koh Kong Neptune Bungalow Resort in Tatai, Cambodia.
KOH SRA LAU – Visit a fishing village in the Koh Kong mangrove swamps.

nice beach in koh kong, cambodia.Thomas and Sothea’s idea is to spend an enlightening, easy going day in Koh Sra Lau, a very traditional community with modest and friendly people. This is not one of those mass tourism – Human Zoo – things. Neptune Adventure Tours is the only tour operator in Koh Kong to offer this tour and the visit to these nice people will remain unforgettable in your memory.

The boat ride to Koh Sra Lau takes 2 to 2.5 hours. The river or the surrounding mangroves can be explored by kayak after arrival.

For the gourmet, the fishing village is an ideal place to buy fresh fish, seawater crabs and shrimp. To enhance the seafood Thomas brings his own spices, dips, sauces, vegetables bread etc. – made in advance and ( hopefully ) receives your advice, observation and approval. After lunch there is enough time to explore the surrounding area and observe some of the original wildlife.

This tour costs $ 25 per person, October 2013.

During the rainy season kayaking with Neptune Adventure Tours in Koh Kong Cambodia is a good option. Tours include free pick up from Koh Kong plus food and water.

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