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Ritthy Eco Adventure Tours is the leading Koh Kong Eco tours provider, started in 2005, here in Koh Kong Cambodia, he offers many tours and services.

Tours and Trips Information.Eco Adventure Tours Koh Kong. Trekking in the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia.

View of the Cardamom Mountains.In Koh Kong: Mangrove, beaches, islands, kayaking, waterfalls, and boat tours are some of the options available. Also, custom tours of your design.

Ritthy Koh Kong Eco Adventure Tours located on the riverfront offers you Bus tickets, Visa Service for Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Local – Kingdom – Information. Also he offer, Dirt Bike, motorbike and bicycle rentals.

Eco Adventure Tours in Koh Kong. Information Koh Kong Island Trip and more.

A boat trip in the jungle. with eco adventure toursRitthy Eco Adventure Tours in Koh Kong at the riverside picks you up at your hotel with TukTuk at 07:40. Go to Local long tail Boat for 08:00 departure. Taking the river along the estuary into the ocean with possible Dolphin sightings, the boat journey takes 2.5 hours depending on sea.

You stay 4 hours on Koh Kong Island beach to swim, relax or explore snorkelling equipment (mask, snorkel, and fins) provided.

A seafood BBQ is prepared for lunch, water, bread & fruit (vegetarian option available). Soft drinks and beer are available for purchase.



Returning from Koh Kong Island, he take a journey through Peam Krasaop national park, mangrove forest, past local fishing villages. Return to resort approx 17:00 – 18:00 by Tuk Tuk.

The trip, with Ritthy Tours in Koh Kong Cambodia, needs minimum of 4 people to go or equivalent price of 4 adult. Cancellation fee of $10 per person after reservation has been made. If Weather conditions are dangerous the tour operator will not risk safety and reserves right to cancel the trip.

Jungle Trekking In the Cardamom Mountains One Day.

Family outing to the waterfall.Ritthy Koh Kong Eco Adventure Tours in Cambodia offers a one day jungle trek.

You will be picked up by Tuk Tuk from your hotel at 08:30 to go the boat 09:00am.

Ritthy depart and go up river to the Cardamom Mountains by boat taking approx 1hour 20mins.

Lunch during the excursion.Trek to the view point (30mins/rest) trek to scenic jungle gorge (1hour) to waterfall swim, rest and have lunch, choice of pork, chicken or vegetables with rice and fruits.

Bottled water supplied all the time. After lunch you trek back to the river, 1hour 30mins, rest, swim, and walk back to the boat.

This trek is of light to moderate skill and is suitable for children as well as adult. Return to your hotel guest house or resort at 16:00 PM – 17:00PM.

Jungle Trekking Camping over night In The Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia.

Eco Adventure Tours offer a over night Jungle trekking tour.

A river in the mountains.This trip has a morning pick up 08:00am by truck or Moto from the office to drive around 40mins to the area, and trek 3 hours to a waterfall, swim, have a lunch and rest .

A BBQ on the waterfall in Koh Kong.After, trek till evening and then have BBQ dinner camp, and sleep in hammocks in the Cardamom Mountains.

A night jungle walk of 2 hours to see natural wildlife is available. The next morning after breakfast, we will trek back to the trail head. We go to Tatai waterfall for a swim before returning to Koh Kong and your Hotel or Guest House.

!! NEW !!

ritthy’s retreat guesthouse in koh kong riverfrontRitthy’s Guest house in Koh Kong has been opened in 2015.

The Location is Riverside between  the Kolab Koh Kong Hotel and the  restaurant Seta Ice cream.


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