Tatai in Koh Kong Province.

At the waterfall in Tatai.Tatai Hotel information, Waterfall, River, Resort, Lodge, Jungle trekking and Tours.

A jungle tour in the Cardamom Mountains.Why not spend a day for real holiday in Cambodia? On the River with a waterfall in the beautiful wild province of Koh Kong in the jungle of Cambodia?

From the town of Koh Kong to the river and waterfall it is about 20 km. Take the highway with a rented motorcycle, Moto Taxi driver or Tuk Tuk, direction Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville to the first bridge.

At the bridge over the River are several Long tail boats which offer tours to the waterfall. The waterfall in the jungles of Cambodia on the edge of the Cardamom Mountains provides a beautiful natural spectacle and is great for relaxing.


A boat tour to the mangroves.You can rent one of the boats and enjoy the boat ride on the River and the mangroves to the waterfall in a beautiful and unspoilt countryside, in the jungles of Cambodia in the province of Koh Kong.

Accommodation in Tatai, Koh Kong Cambodia.

For vacationers who do not want to stay in Koh Kong City, but wish to stay in nature there is in Tatai for every taste and budget overnight accommodation.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge Tatai.

floating bungalows in tatai, koh kong, cambodia.The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is located on the River in the jungle, near the small village. From the Cambodian Thai border to Tatai Village and 4 Rivers Floating Lodge boat dock it is about 32 km. From there it goes by boat on the river to the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge. This facility is for guests with a well-filled purse who like a little luxury.

A boat trip to the waterfall.Rainbow Lodge Tatai and Neptune Adventure Resort

Both facilities are located directly on the river and from the boat dock at the bridge in Tatai with a 20 minute boat ride to reach.

a bungalow resort in the middle of cardamom mountains, in koh kong district, cambodiaThe Rainbow Lodge is located in the middle price segment and is well suited for a peaceful relaxing holiday.

A cheap backpacker accommodation.The Neptune Adventure Resort is located on the River in Koh Kong Cambodia in the lower price segment and is ideal suited for travellers who are a little adventurous. Thomas and his wife Sothea from Neptune Adventure Resort go to great lengths with their guests.

Tatai Resort Marina Hotel.

Rent your luxury villa on the river.The Tatai Resort Marina Hotel is a nice place for vacationers who love the comfort. Pictures say more than 1000 words.

At the hotel pool enjoying the day in tatai.

in this hotel you spend a first class holiday.

a very comfortably furnished hotel room.The Marina Resort and Hotel offers great service.


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