Seta Ice Cream

Seta Ice Cream Bar and Restaurant in Koh Kong riverside. The Restaurant, former Bob Bar Koh Kong, opened in October 2014 with a new owner.

seta ice cream restaurant in koh kongSeta Ice Cream Restaurant and Bar in Koh Kong.

The new operator, a local innkeeper with a very good English has been able to take over the menu with small changes. But with the same good food on the river in Koh Kong.

riverside koh kong, good food, schnitzel cordon bleu

Schnitzel cordon bleu.


The English Breakfast in the Seta Ice Cream Shop and restaurant in Koh Kong, hot and nicewith a good cup of Bon coffee.

Sitting in Koh Kong next to the river thinking what action can be taken on the day. Since there are now many ways.

Rent a motorbike or Tuk Tuk and explore the area. A ride in the mangrove forests on the coast of Koh Kong. Go to the beach or visit the small and large waterfall in Tatai and swim a little and splash around.

Evening sit back in the city, in the Seta Ice Cream Shop in Koh Kong and admire the magnificent sunset on the river.

The restaurant offers:

  1. Ice Cream
  2. Khmer food, A Mok
  3. Thai Food
  4. Western Food
  5. Smothie
  6. Seta Coffee Academy
  7. Moto for rent
  8. Buy and sale second hand books


Seta Iceraem has changed his name to Wildlife Cafe Koh Kong.


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