Blue Anchor Cocktail Bar

Blue Anchor Cocktail Bar Koh Kong in Cambodia.

The Blue Anchor cocktail bar on the river in Koh Kong with Cambodian flair opens in the early evening at 18:00.

Not only cheap cocktails, but also a good selection of spirits cold beers and soft drinks are available in the small bar.

After visiting one or more attractions in the province of Koh Kong, the open bar on the river is a great place to relax.

The drink prices are very moderate. A beer costs $ 0.75 and cocktail prices start at $ 2.

The boss of the Blue Anchor Cocktail Bar in Koh Kong. In Kambodscha.The nice Cambodian boss speaks English and a few words German.

Travelers not only wanting to visit the ordinary gas spots meet at the river in Koh Kong in the Blue Anchor Cocktail Bar.

Daily from 18:00 there is a happy hour for 2 hours.

Here are some pictures and a map where you can find the bar.



Happy Hour on the river in Koh Kong in the Kingdom of Cambodia.


Cocktails in different variations.

Cocktail Menu

Mixed drinks menu.

Beer and Beer Buckets Menu


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