Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Forest in Koh Kong Cambodia, the area cover the line between the sea and the land.

mangrove forest tour mit hans in koh kong.Stoutly the Koh Kong Mangrove forest bushes are anchored here in the soil, thus protecting the shore passage from the violence of the sea. 7 KM from Koh Kong City, is a walking path through the Mangrove forest or a boat ride. The entrance fee is 5000 Cambodia Real, 1.25 US dollars.

Mangrove Forest boat tour and hiking

a hike through the mangroves.By boat or canoe through the huge mangrove jungle in Koh Kong, Cambodia, the most extensive Mangrove area of South-east Asia. Continue and admire the magnificent nature. On the way you can visit a traditional fishing village and buy fresh fish if you feel like.

By Boat, you leave the Mangroves behind to reach the island of Koh Kong. Once in the lagoon, there is the opportunity to swim, snorkel and to fry the fresh fish you bought in the fishing village.

The tours through the mangrove areas are offered by different Tour organizers. To mention here is Thomas from Neptune in Koh Kong Cambodia. By 2010, Thomas ran a inn in Koh Kong City and is now located on the Tatai river, running Neptune adventure bungalow resort and adventure eco tours.


Taking a break during the hike.Hiking in Koh Kong and Cambodia.

In Koh Kong in Cambodia you have the opportunity to wander through the mangroves. At the end of the predetermined path, there is a pedestrian bridge crossing the river one.

If you like, you can claim up to a 15 metre high observation tower to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

beautiful views.A splendid view over the mangrove in Koh Kong Cambodia.

To eat and drink

There is no reason for concern that one starves or has nothing to drink.
Of course there is a restaurant at the lookout tower in the mangroves of Koh Kong in Cambodia.

Eating and drinking at the observation tower.You should pay attention to the little monkey. Even if they are cute and friendly, stealing is their favoured past time.

Here are some pictures of Koh Kong On the beach in Koh Kong in the Kingdom of Cambodia.


good food on the beach.Good food in Thmorda Garden Riverside, Crab House restaurant.





The Crab House Restaurant.

The restaurant is located in Thmorda Garden Riverside Resort at and on the river in Koh Kong.


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