Blue Moon Guesthouse

Blue Moon Guesthouse Koh Kong in Cambodia, hot water is available, the rooms are very clean with comfortable beds.

bluemoon-guesthouse-kohkongBlue Moon Guesthouse Koh Kong, with fan rooms and private bathroom are $6 and A/C rooms $10 giving unbeatable value.


nice and clean room.Set in a cool Garden with Food and Drinks on site. The Blue Moon Guest House in Koh Kong is a good place to chill out in Cambodia.

Blue Moon Koh Kong Guesthouse price information.

Blue Moon Guesthouse Koh Kong in Cambodia, also caters for long term tenants.

A fan room with a shower room and kitchen including electric and water is $150 per month.

cardamom mountains view.A room with a private balcony, air-con, fridge, separate bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, including electric and water is $250 per month. The bungalows are fully furnished.

Location from the guesthouse, down town, past Paddy’s Bamboo Inn.


More information about the Blue Moon Tours in the Cardamom Mountains in Koh Kong, Cambodia found here.

Here are some pictures of Tatai in Koh Kong in the Kingdom of Cambodia.


At Thomas from Neptune Adventure Resort in Tatai. Sit by the river and enjoy the holiday.

tatai river.

Here you can see a picture of the Tatai Resort Marina.



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