EZECOM, Cambodia’s Premium Internet Provider.

ezecom internet in cambodia, koh kongFor your convenience EZECOM offer a number of different payment options.

Besides paying your bill online or via your mobile phone, at all EZECOM offices and e-cafe’s you can pay your bill in cash. This page gives you an overview of all methods, with a step by step instruction. So you can choose what fits best for your business.


You will receive your invoice from, EZECOM in Cambodia, on a monthly basis at your mail address; the email will be titled “EZECOM Invoice”. Your customer ID and invoice number are both unique numbers, which you will need wit all forms of bill payment. EZECOM recommend you to print out your invoice or write down these numbers when you are planning to perform a transaction.

Please note that the system is set to lock your EZECOM internet usage when a bill is outstanding for more than 7 days including weekends and holidays. In case you are not able to meet the payment deadline and you would like to continue to use your internet please call 023 888 181 the staff can then temporally activate your account.

Things to remember

When you have not paid your amount in full, the system from EZECOM “ Cambodia’s” Premium Internet Provider” will automatically lock your account after 7 days, so lease ensure you enter the right amount when using the digital payment methods. Please contact the help desk in case this happens, they will unlock your internet and assist you further.

Please remember that most types of payment do not get processed during the weekend or during Public Holidays. This can result in EZECOM billing system locking your account. The help desk is open 24/7, 365 days a year.
Please note down your Customer identification Number when contacting the EZECOM help desk, it will help the staff assist you quicker. When you do not have your Customer Identification Number at hand, the staff will still be able to assist you.

In case you have any questions regarding your bill or payment options you can send an email to billing@ezecomcorp.com or call the help desk at 023 888 181.


If you are an ABA account holder you can pay your EZECOM bill at all ABA ATM’s.

Insert your ABA Bank card in the ABA ATM.
Choose your preferred language.
Enter your PIN code.
Select the “More Services” menu.
Choose “bill Payments”.
Select “EZECOM”
Enter your “Invoice Number”.
Enter the US dollar amount of bill.
Confirm or decline a printed receipt.
Confirm in the enter information is correct.
Yes – the transaction will be processed
No – the transaction is cancelled, you can then

Start the procedure again.

Your payment is processed

EZECOM recommend you keep your printed

Receipts for future references.

ABA account holder and EZECOM.

You can manage your finances from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere in the world.

Go to www.ababank.com and click on the iBank button.
Login to your iBanking account with your user name and password.
Go to “Payments” menu and click “Quick Payment” in the sub menu.
Select “Internet Providers” and click “EZECOM”.
Enter your “Invoice Number” ,the amount of your bill and the currency (US Dollar).
Click “Pay”
Click “OK” to confirm the payment.
Enter your dynamic authentication code.
A confirmation of your payment will be displayed.

ANZ Royal Internet Banking and EZECOM.

Pay your EZECOM bill with your ANZ Royal Account in a few easy steps from your home or anywhere in the world.

Go to www.anzroyal.com
Login your internet banking account.
Go to “Funds Transfer”& Click “Bill Payment”.
In “Form Account” drop down list, select “EZECOM”.
In “Biller Name” drop down list, select “EZECOM”.
Enter your 5 digit EZECOM “invoice number”.
Enter the bill amount you want to pay.
Select “Now” if you want to pay immediately. Or, Select “Once On” and Choose the future date you want to pay.
When your transaction is processed a confirmation will be displayed.

ANZ Royal Branch Deposit and EZECOM.

You can pay your invoice at all ANZ Royal branch offices, at no cost to you.
Go to an ANZ Office of your choice.
Go to the transfers counter.
Hand the cashier your EZECOM invoice and the cash amount.
Your invoice will be processed by ANZ Royal.

CELLCARD Cash Bills Payments and EZECOM.

Follow these easy steps to pay your bill with your Cellcard phone.
Dial #777# to go the Cellcard Cash Menu.
Press “Reply” type”5” for Bill payment and press “send”.
Press “Reply” type “2” for bill payment and press “Send”.
Press “Reply”, type the invoice number printed on your bill, and press “Send”.
Press “Reply”, type the amount you wish to pay in USD, and press “Send”.
Press “Reply”, type your MPIN, and press “Send”.
Receive SMS confirmation.

More information of EZECOM, Cambodia’s Premium Internet providers, please visit the website.




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