Crab Shack

Crab Shack Restaurant Koh Kong province.

good food and drinks on the beach

The Crab Shack Seafood Restaurant in the province Koh Kong in Cambodia on the seaside at the gulf of Thailand.

Go swim and relax yourself with a good meal. The menu is extensive and well priced food.


Bob and Tina, from the Ice Cream Shop in Koh Kong, at the shrimp eat on the beach.


Koh Kong, good food and drinks on the beach.
A large portion of fried rice with shrimp, fried eggs and vegetables.


Crab Shack Seafood restaurant by the seaside Koh Kong Cambodia.


Location Bak Klong Beach western side of the Koh Kong river around 6 Klms.
Owner’s name is Pau.
Can be reached on 035 6440 111 or 097 9902 045, Limited English.
Menu is in Khmer and English.


Contact Mister Han for your transport if required.


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