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City Map Koh Kong, Cambodia Thailand border map, Koh Kong District and Road Map.

koh kong city map.Koh Kong Map, and City Map is not an official map. It is to be used as a rough visitor’s guide only.
We did not include all Bars and Hotels in this map.

In recent years, a great number of restaurants, pubs and medium-sized hotels were built in Koh Kong.

Please consider that hotels, restaurants and bars come and go. While we try to keep the Koh Kong Map (what a wonderful name) up to date, it is likely that changes might have taken place, though.

Koh Kong town is of rather moderate size and there is little chance of getting lost. Although – in a state of bliss road maps are of no use at all. Not even the Koh Kong Map.

I am in a good mood today that makes me generous. On top of the Koh Kong map I provide another self-made map of the city’s surroundings.


From Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Koh Kong Cambodia’s border.

As it occasionally happened in recent years, holidaymakers arriving at Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport ( BKK) came across smart taxi drivers. Hopping in and telling the driver he is supposed to go to the border to Cambodia via Trat and Hat Lek ( also Haad Lek , Had Lek , Hadlek , Hatlek ) is not the problem.

Beware – of Thailand’s smart Taxi drivers.

You arrive at Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport, passport control left behind time to start a nice holiday adventure. The taxi driver returns a friendly smiles and finally you go. After some time you start dozing or even get a little bit of sleep. From time to time you awake and asks the driver Trat – border Cambodia Thailand, Koh Kong Cambodia, mhmmm. He would give you a reassuring nod – mhmmmm. You feel good and continue to sleep.

Cambodia Thailand border, the awakening after a long trip.

On the border Thailand Cambodia you realize that this is not the border crossing Had Lek Thailand Koh Kong Cambodia. It is the crossing Aranyaprathet / Poipet. Ok – Shit happens Well what to do now?

Here’s a road map of the route from Bangkok to Hat Lek border crossing (also Haad Lek, Had Lek, Hadlek, Hatlek) Koh Kong Cambodia.

bangkok to hat lek, border thailand cambodia, road map.

The drive with Taxi from SUVARNABHUMI AIRPORT to Hat Lek ( Had Lek ) costs by taxi 4000 – 4500 Baht.

Please make sure you stay on highway number 3 all the way through (Bangkok to border Koh Kong in Cambodia).

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