Cardamom Mountains

Cardamom Mountains in Koh Kong Province in Cambodia.

Cardamom Mountains, Tatai waterfall.These unexplored peaks and forests in the Cardamom Mountains are gradually being opened up to tourism with new developments for Eco tourism.


Jungle Trekking and Tours over nigh.

Jungle stays in hammocks as well as kayaking, mountain biking in the Cardamom Mountains Koh Kong Cambodia, butterflies and bird watching are all growing in popularity. A less tourism friendly but popular activity is dirt biking and trekking.

trekking in the jungle.There is also an Eco lodge near to Koh Kong town in Cambodia and other developments offering new opportunities for the adventurous and those wishing to see virgin and unexplored cardamom mountains and rainforest before tourism develop further.

There is always the comfort of Hotels, Guesthouses, Resorts and Restaurants in Koh Kong City (a Village in reality).

In the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodias Koh Kong Province, there are several, hotels and resorts.

The Rainbow Lodge Tatai, the Four River Floating Lodge Tatai, the Neptune Adventure Resort, and the Tatai Resort Marina Hotel.

camping in the forests and mountains.All also offer Jungle Trekking, Boat and Kayak tours at. So you never have to “rough it” if you don’t want to.
Jungle Tour with Mister Han, in the forests and mountains.

If you want to see more video clips from the Cardamom Mountains, jungle trips, you see the video clips of rtvkohkong on You Tube, there are more than 120 videos about Koh Kong province, the jungle and forests and Cambodia.

About the Cardamom Mountains and it’s flora and fauna.

The Cardamom Mountains are situated mainly in Koh Kong Province in South West Cambodia. Covering over 4,400,000 Hectares (nearly 11,000,000 acres).

The highest peak in Cambodia is also in the Cardamoms is Phnom Aural at 1,813 meters (5,948 ft) high.

seen at trekking.The Cardamom Mountains are largely covered with dense forest much of it largely unexplored. The extent of flora and in the area is largely unknown due to the huge area involved and the inaccessibility of many parts of it.

But a study in 2000 indicated there were over 600 species of bird, mammal, amphibians and reptiles, including elephants, tigers, clouded leopards. Large Indian Civet and Banteng cattle and Malaysian Sun Bear in the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia and Koh Kong.

Cardamom Mountains Koh Kong In Cambodia

There were in addition many plant and insect species found in the Cardamom Mountains Koh Kong in Cambodia. There are also archaeological remains in the Mountains notably Neolithic Jars which are said to contain the bones of deceased Cambodian Royalty. The rivers in the mountain region are home to humpback dolphins and also the endangered Siamese Crocodile.

Sleep at night in the jungle. With a hammock.A study in 2007 found new species and doubtless future studies will uncover much more about this little explored area in the jungle of Cambodia in Koh Kong District.
In the evening, a camp-fire, and then eat, drink and sleep in hammock in the forests and mountains after jungle tour.


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