Cambodia Visa Information

Cambodia Visa and entry regulations.


visa cambodia.Everything you need to know about Cambodia visas. Tourist visas, business visas and ordinary visas. Visa costs, how to apply for it and to extend your visa.

If you are entering from Thailand to Koh Kong Cambodia with Bus or Car, Vietnam and Laos overland to Cambodia and Koh Kong, you can apply for a 1 Month e-Visa over the Internet. This ensures you will be charged the correct fee and encounter no problems.

Traveler to Cambodia, need a passport. Valid for 6 months before the expiry date.

New Cambodia Visa prices 01 October 2014.

Rates from 0ctober 2014.

When you fly to Cambodia – The Kingdom of Wonders, the Cambodia Visa costs at the Phnom Penh Airport $30 Tourist (valid 1 month), $35 Business Visa (valid 1 Month).

In order to avoid long discussions one should print out the Tourist E-Visa over the Internet. Price US $ 30 + $ 7 fee + $ 3 bank charges. Well, at least $ 40.

A one year visa for Cambodia is only possible if you have initially applied for a Business Visa. At point of entry you will be given 1 month you will then need to apply at immigration for this to be extended for one year. With this you can leave and re-enter at any time and as often as you would like.

To get a year  business visa, you are not required to leave Cambodia whilst it is being processed. For a 1 Year business visa you absolutely need a work permit.

The retiree visa is available in Cambodia since 2018th.
requirement: 60 years old.
You do not need a work permit.

The cost is $280 – $300, depending witch agency you go.


The best way in Koh Kong, you go to Ritthy Eco Adventure Tours on the Riverside Koh Kong town in Cambodia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Entry information.

Vietnam entry information.


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