Attractions Koh Kong

Attractions and Things To Do in Koh Kong.

One of the Tourist attractions in Koh Kong, the southwestern most province in Cambodia, is the undeveloped coastline with its huge mangrove forest.

The Tatai Waterfall is a popular destination among the local people and tourists. The waterfall is 20 km from the city. You can rent a motorbike in the city and explore the area.

For those who prefer a little more comfortable ride a motorcycle taxi driver or rent a tuk tuk with a driver.

Anyone who decides on the bike, no matter which tour, I recommend Mister Han.

Trusted tuk tuk riders can be found at Ritthy Eco Tours and Ritthy’s Retreat Inn on the River in Koh Kong.

Map of attractions in Koh Kong, Cambodia.In the province of Koh Kong with its attractions is another excursion destination of the Kbal Chhay and Koh Por waterfall.

Also, a boat trip to the beautiful Thummel Dar waterfall at the foot of the Cardamom Mountains on the Cambodian-Thai border is worthwhile.

Those who love the sea should visit the beach in Koh Kong on the Gulf of Thailand. There are now enough beach bars that are operated by the locals.

Day trips to the island of Koh Kong are offered with a BBQ. Depending on the weather, the boat goes to the island.

You can inquire about the individual offers of the tours at Ritthy Eco Tours or another tour operator.

With hotels, guesthouses, inexpensive accommodation, tourist offers and also traffic-technical the region offers itself as vacation area.

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