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Koh Kong, Cambodia. Province, hotels, restaurants, maps, Eco tourism and activities.

To Koh Kong via Hat Lek Thailand to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

From Thailand via the border crossing Hat Lek to Koh Kong province and city in Cambodia, also Kaôh Kong. The cheapest way to get from Bangkok and from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand is by bus.

To Koh Kong in Cambodia by bus or car

To travel from Trat Thailand you will need to get to the Trat bus station where you will find a minibus to the Thai / Cambodian boarder Ban Haad Lek and Koh Kong, (about 90 km).

You can purchase your Visa for Cambodia at the border.

Koh Kong, at the border crossing in Cambodia.

If you arrive at the Thai border to Koh Kong Cambodia, a friendly Cambodian will be offering to transport your luggage to Cambodia by handcart. If you have plenty of luggage with you, this is very helpful, but please do not pay more than 40 Bath for this service.

Departure from Koh Kong in Cambodia to Hat Lek in Thailand.

On the way to the city you are asked at the Cambodian passport control where you want to go? These questions make sense, the friendly helper knows whether a tuk tuk, taxi or a moped taxi is required.

From Koh Kong border or city, by taxi and bus to Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville.

If you are not intending not to stay in Koh Kong, an onward journey to Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville, over Tatai in the Province Koh Kong and the Cardamom Mountains, can be arranged, either bus or taxi ride.

Here you can see the bus, private taxi and ferry prices online.

And also book.

At the border, on some days and mostly in the main travel season, an official-looking Cambodian joins the immigration formalities. There are travelers who think it is the medical officer.

He would like to have 30 Bath for a little note certifying that he has no infectious diseases. These nice people can be safely and without problems be ignored.

For a small fee people who can’t or don’t have the time to complete the immigration entry form can have it filled in for them.

Visa Cambodia

The visa usually costs US $ 30, but not at the border.

New Cambodia visa fees from October 2014.

The border guards usually want twice what they usually cost. These inflated charges are not only taken at the border to Koh Kong but also at other border crossing points in Cambodia and read more.

Motorcycle, tuk tuk and taxi prices from the border to Koh Kong city

At the border take a tuk tuk, taxi or motorbike taxi.

There are always some tourists who want to save US $ 8 for a tuk tuk, US $ 3 motorbike taxi or US $ 10 for a taxi and walk the 12 km (in 45 degree heat) to the city.

Development in Koh Kong

Since 2008, the city and the surrounding area in Koh Kong have developed very well. Previously known as a city that relies heavily on smuggling drugs, illegal gambling and prostitution, Koh Kong has changed a lot over time.

For a few years much has been done for tourism. From simple guesthouses to good hotels.

From $ 5, there are inns with fan, cable TV, shower with hot water and toilet in the room, cheap rooms with air conditioning are plentiful in Koh Kong in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Do you like it really luxurious, with a large swimming pool, right on the beach, a good service and would like to try your luck in the slot machine casino or in the casino? I recommend that!

The Koh Kong Resort Casino Hotel just over the border.

The city offers various 1-day trekking tours. Tours over several days and overnight in the jungle of Cambodia are also possible.

For example, by river boat up to Cardamom Mountain in the Koh Kong district with a pretty impressive backdrop.

Also kayak tours through the Mangroves are very popular.

Outside the city there are several facilities. The Neptune Bungalow Resort on the Tatai River.

The Rainbow Lodge in Tatai, the Jungle Lodge Eco Resort of Helmut, or the Oasis Resort and since 2013 on the island the Koh Kong Island Resort.

The offer of day trips in the mangroves, hiking and staying in the rainforest in the Kingdom of Cambodia. There are many offers for kayaking tours or boat trips to the island, Koh Kong Island.

Koh Kong city, province, mangrove, cardamom mountains and beach map.

Unfortunately, some motorcycle taxi drivers on the border and in the city have a bad habit of giving wrong information to travelers.

It may happen that you hear on the border that a hotel or guest house in Koh Kong is closed.

These motorbike and tuk tuk drivers want to take you to a hotel or inn of their choice.

TRAVELERS CHECKS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED by any bank in Cambodia ( since 2014)

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