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Koh Kong Cambodia information for travellers and tourists. The Cardamom Mountains, hotels, guesthouses, bars, restaurants, jungle trekking, beaches and boat tours in the area.

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Welcome to the official homepage for Koh Kong, Cambodia.

Koh Kong, Bridge in Koh Kong Cambodia to the border thailand

Koh Kong in Cambodia is a small town and the capital of Koh Kong Province.

Koh Kong in southwest Cambodia located on the coast next to Thailand and is an easy journey from Bangkok and Pattaya.

Bus, Mini Van, or Taxi can all get you to Trat where you take a Mini Van to the border Thailand Cambodia, crossing at Hat Lek.

A City Map of Koh Kong in Cambodia from Google Earth, click here.

koh kong, river cambodian fishing boatCrossing the border Koh Kong Cambodia

Here for many is a visa run, but is also a beautiful place full of natural wonders and a great  stopover before visiting the rest of  Cambodia. Stay and Visit Tatai in The Cardamom Mountains.

Onward travel to Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Kep, Kampot, Siem Reap to Vietnam or Laos can be done with bus routes through Cambodia.

The spectacular Cardamom Mountains, pristine and mostly untouched jungle, offer many waterfalls to cool down with a swim.KbalChhay, KohPor, KbalChhay, PrekKoh, Veal Achaut, and Tataiwaterfalls to name a few. The largest mangroves in Asia are located here on the coast.

In addition to trekking and exploring the forest in the Cardamom Mountains, there are boat trips available to Koh Kong island and other islands in the vicinity. With bicycles and motorcycles  available for rent, there are great options for self exploration in Koh Kong City in Cambodia and the wider province.

koh kong resort, and casino hotel cambodia thailand borderFor those who prefer less strenuous activities there are many restaurants and bars in Koh Kong City in Cambodia.

There is a wide range of accommodation options from basic guesthouse fan rooms from $ 3 US per night to comfortable Guest Houses and Hotels with Air Con from $ 10 US per night and swimming pool.

Koh Kong Resort, Casino Hotel on the border of Cambodia and Thailand and a beautiful house on the way to town.

You will get a warm welcome in Koh Kong in Cambodia "The Kingdom of Wonders".

More Koh Kong Cambodia movies from RTV KOH KONG about hotels, guest houses, Restaurants, bars, Eco-tourism, jungle and island tours you will find of RTVKOHKONG on YouTube here.

After the Cambodian border on the way to Koh Kong, you see on the left, a colorful house and then the entrance to koh kong, from the thai border to koh kong town to see the nice housethe Buddha temple complex. Going inside to the river, you can see stone figures that represent Buddha hell.

koh-kong-cambodia, entrance-buddha-temple

For information about Cambodian visa regulations, please see here.

The entrance to the temple at the stone figures. Stone figures near the river in Koh Kong Cambodia.

the devil and the saw

seen in the temple in Cambodia, koh kong

the devil in koh kong, seen in the temple in Cambodia

koh kong two prisoners waiting for the transport in cambodia

koh kong cambodia figures near a river

a group of stone figures in cambodia, seen in koh kong

near a river in koh kong

Travellers Cheques – Cambodia.

It is now not possible to cash travelers cheques in Koh Kong, nor I believe anywhere in Cambodia.  A number of people from PP and Sihanoukville have recently passed through Koh Kong on their way to Thailand to cash cheques. The three banks in Koh Kong, Acleda, Canadia and Cambodia Public Bank have confirmed that none of their branches now cash travellers cheques.  However if you have an account with Cambodia Public Bank they will accept travelers cheques but they take a month to clear.



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